Entry Forms

Below is a link to a PDF file for our entry form.  Blocks 1 & 2 will be filled in on the day of the show.  You can fill it out on line and print it but it cannot be saved.  Once it is printed out you can mail it with the appropriate fees to the following address to pre-register:

Bill Langlitz 

3340 Cornerstone Drive

Murfreesboro, TN 37128

The fee schedule for entries are as follows:  $15 for the first three entries/ $1 for each additional entry. There will be a $2 discount available to everyone who pre-registers and an additional $2 discount for IPMS National members. Example: An IPMS member who pre-registers will have a cost of $11 for his first three entries.
Junior entries (under 16) $5 for up to ten entries

Download Entry Form